Application Features

1. Stealth and Undetectable

Shadow application is fully stealth and undetectable on target phone, application will not produce any popup, dialog, notication after configuration. Application will remain stealth even it is not working or your trial/subscription is over.

Application will auto start in background after each phone reboot. Application will run all the time in background.

2. Text Messages Tracking

Text Message incoming and outgoing will be tracked instantly, Shadow keeps an eye on Messaging application whenever a message received or sent, a copy of it will be reported to logs within seconds. There will be no chance of missing a text message log. More Info

3. Call History Monitoring

Call logs will be reported whenever ongoing call ends, All type of call logs Missed, Received, Dialed will there in logs with details. You can also record call conversation for selected Address book contacts. More Info

4. Location Tracking

The application keeps close eye on device movement and report GPS location updates in 10 minutes interval with address details. Application is able to retrieve Location by GPS satellites and wireless networks. More Info

5. Web History Logging

Websites visited and Bookmarks in stock browser will be added to logs in real time. More Info

6. Address Book and Calendars Monitoring

All the Address book contacts will be available in logs, new created Contacts and Calendars will also reported in seconds. Contact monitoring includes Phone and SIM card contacts. Address Book logs, Calendar Logs

7. Photos Tracking

Photos captured using target phone camera will be uploaded to web account and can be viewed in logs at earliest. More Info

8. Application Install and Uninstalls

Any install and uninstall of any application on target phone can be tracked in application logs. More Info

9. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger logs

Application will able to track WhatsApp and Facebook messenger logs on target phone, social apps can only be monitored in rooted android devices. WhatsApp Logs, Facebook Logs